Westminster Community Online Events Campaign

Campaign Branding & Social Media Content

[Creative Direction, Design Production]

Client: PDT: Paddington Development Trust

Paddington Development Trust wanted to promote ongoing online events to enliven the community and needed impactful and welcoming social media promos The message needed to address inclusion to increase event attendance in the diverse community.

We created a fun and friendly visual language based on the community's voice. We supported ongoing further campaign expansion. They gained further recognition and won endowments.

The Westminster local campaign promotion: Series of social media content to promote various ongoing online events: music sessions, family learning, and arts and crafts. Events were for engaging with people, exploring creativity and education.

The branding message was welcoming and fun for everyone, and the design was playful as the voice of community and friends. The visual design directly speaks to diverse audiences in the local community.

We created a production template to support various demands depending on the messages for more upcoming campaigns. The design assets were in various formats suitable to all social media platforms. Some are for competitions and donations, so that branded visual contents expand to various further events.

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