"Dalemain - The Most Beautiful English Garden"

Branding & Design for NHK TV Documentary Series

[Creative Direction, Design Production]

Client: NHK Cosmomedia Europe

We branded with Dalemain's iconic character, a red squirrel that represented a tour guide and The Lake District atmosphere.
The branding became popular and contributed to further promoting the documentary.
The documentary achieved extended series from 2 to 8 episodes and a long-term slot and won NHK's internal award.

*Background photos and text descriptions differ from the actual documentary.

The 4K documentary features Dalemain Mansion & Historic Gardens and the English lake district.
The vision of the documentary was to create a "Fairy tale for grown-ups" atmosphere. The navigator of the documentary was Dalemain's iconic red squirrel that takes viewers into "a book of Dalemain".

Target audience: young families to mature generation. Character design: friendly but not overly cartoony. Research on Peter Rabbit's tale and Lake District culture/history. Art direction: warm painterly texture, linking to the documentary's story concept. Subtle natural movements for characters (vibrating nose, flexible arms, curly tail, quick head turns). The red squirrel guide stole viewers' hearts.

*Background photos and text descriptions differ from the actual documentary.

Deliverables for 4-month production. Templates and layered graphics for flexible post-production. Effective communication, adapting to changes, and managing lockdown filming challenges.

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