Visual branding & design for the long-form 8K documentary series

Client: NHK
Production company: NHK Cosmomedia Europe
Creative & Visual design: Tom Kata @ Visionesque


*Background photos and text descriptions differ from the actual documentary.

NHK TV Documentary series - Tramway JourneysIt consists of Twenty-four episodes and features ten countries in Europe. It's an 8K super-resolution experience travelling Europian cities/towns by local/historical/modern trams. The target audience is interested in a city "beyond tourism" and in topics such as the local atmosphere, humanity and secret history.

The challenge was to illuminate immersive travel experience and cultural insights without becoming a typical tourist guide. Many parts of the documentary show things "as it happened". It has a hand-crafted spirit.

I researched various travel journals that were somewhat snazzy and liberal, including fashion travel magazines such as ELLE and LV. 

I built a design concept in a fashion illustration style with watercolour texture. It represented elegance and warmth. And, I designed each episode with the real watercolour painting. Each episode had a unique style symbolising the atmosphere of the city. 

The series continued to air as a signature documentary series over a year, and the production achieved an award.

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