Visual Branding for the long-form documentary series

Client: NHK
Production company: NHK Cosmomedia Europe
Creative & Visual design: Tom Kata @ Visionesque

The project

Visual branding for the documentary series "Tramway Journeys": 24 episodes, featuring over ten European countries. The immersive 8K UHDTV (Ultra High Definition) experience travelling cities by traditional and modern trams. It targets viewers who were into "beyond tourism, experiencing the local atmosphere, humanity, and secret history.

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*Background photos and text descriptions differ from the actual documentary.

The documentary captures details of the tram journey and features real people, community, daily life.
The client's objective for the branding was to illuminate immersive travel experience and cultural insights without becoming a standard infographic tourist guide. We also looked at a few liberal travel journals, including fashion travel magazines; ELLE or Louis Vuitton travel guides.


As the story shows each moment as it happens, it gives a feeling of being in the moment than just watching the TV screen intensely.

We set a style to luxury with relaxation and humanity, and we developed a design in a fashion illustration style with watercolour, representing elegance and warmth.

We crafted the design using real watercolour painting, so each episode had a unique style symbolising each city's distinctive character.
To unify the branding throughout 24cepisode, we built a design system, keeping style consistency and also flexibility to express uniqueness to each episode.


We delivered design templates and guidelines for the online editors to follow the art direction and keep consistency. The series continued to air for over a year, and as the signature documentary, the production achieved an award.


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