Visual Branding for the long-form documentary series

Client: NHK
Production company: NHK Cosmomedia Europe
Creative & Visual design: Tom Kata @ Visionesque

The project

Visual Branding and design for the documentary series "Tramway Journeys"  Twenty-four episodes featuring over ten countries in Europe.

The documentary brings an 8K UHDTV (Ultra High Definition) experience travelling European cities by trams both historical and modern style. The target audience was being interested in "beyond tourism" that includes the local atmosphere, humanity, and unique history.

*Background photos and text descriptions differ from the actual documentary.

Vision discovery

The documentary features real people, community, everyday life, and a hand-crafted filming style with 8K UHDTV definition that captures details.

The objective was to illuminate immersive travel experience and cultural insights without becoming a typical tourist guide. Many parts of the documentary show things "as it happened".

We also researched on various travel journals that were somewhat snazzy and liberal, including fashion travel magazines such as ELLE magazine or Louis Vuitton travel guides.


Visual content strategy

We build a visual strategy workable to all episodes that are travelling over 20 countries, making sure the visual design consistently articulated hand-crafted elements and to create an atmosphere of welcoming the audience to participate in the visual journey through immersive 8K screen.


Design development

We developed a design direction in a fashion illustration style with watercolour texture, representing elegance and warmth. Art/graphics was crafted using watercolour painting, so each episode had a unique style symbolising the character of the city.

Completion and support

We provided a design package kit including design templates and guidelines for the online editing on every episode so that the post-production can efficiently implement the art direction to enable consistent visual design throughout the documentary series.

The series continued to air as a signature documentary series over a year, kept engaging with the target audiences, and the production achieved an award.

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