Visual content Branding & Design for episodic documentary 

Client: NHK
Production company: NHK Cosmomedia Europe
Creative & Visual design: Tom Kata @ Visionesque

NHK 8K TV Documentary World Festivals (English translation) Sekai no Matsuri (Japanese Title)

A series of four episodes feature iconic festivals in Europe: an immersive TV experience, benefitting from the 8K super-resolution display. It targets people who want experiences beyond tourism such as local atmosphere, lively culture and human interactions.

I set "World Festivals" as a hero brand and positioned each episode as a flagship brand based on a story, messages and culture. I worked closely with the dedicated team on each episode, ensuring the design strategy unifies the series.

ITALY | The Carnival of Venice

The visual brand needed to implement the eccentric atmosphere of Carnival and Venice's culture and history from Casanova to the plague. Research on Venice's spiritual relationship with water also spiced up the design concept.

I illustrated a Venetian mask as a primary design concept, so it allowed the audience to feel as if they were looking through the Venetian mask.

I developed the design in various forms by adding Renaissance-inspired textures (marble, column and velvet). The process resulted in aligning the style throughout the documentary.

Shetland | Up Helly Aa

The documentary features Lerwick's Up Helly Aa and the Viking saga, as well as Shetland nature, culture and yarn. The producers wanted to unify all of this into one brand. However, they also wanted to differentiate one from another.

Research on the history of Vikings and Shetland presented me with a harmony of juxtaposed cultures; wooden Viking ships landing on the woodless island and the church stained-glass windows illustrate the legend of Vikings.

I integrated the spiritual fusion into the design concept, and I harmonised the tone of textures whilst crafting contrasting elements of each culture.

FRANCE | Festival of Lights Lyon

The documentary features artworks at the festival as well as Lyon's traditional customs and culture. A director wanted to communicate the modern vs the classic through the art of lights.

I explored the relationship between Lyon and lights from modern LEDs to traditional candle lights.

I illustrated a hero element – 'floral light lays' inspired by both artistic and natural lights combined with hand-painted watercolour illustrations. It presented the spirituality and creativity of Lyon.

*Background photos and text descriptions differ from the actual documentary.

SPAIN | Festival of San Fermín

The format is the ultimate entertainment: heat, vibe and emotions. The producers also wanted to add a human touch to the branding.

By researching the culture of Pamplona, I built the design concept through a strong community and profound traditional customs.

I illustrated the atmosphere of the festival with a warm colour palette and thick-stroke oil-painting texture. It created Pamplona's welcoming aura throughout the documentary.

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