Featured Design Works For Game Promos and Campaigns

[Creative Direction, Animation Production]

Client: Bandai Namco
Agency: Maverick Media

Bandai Namco needed impactful visual messages for the global game launch promos.
We created the art direction & design production elements, using impactful type animations and strong CTA. We supported the in-house team for further adaptations for promo expansion.

Motion design for the game trailer | Devil May Cry

The animation for the end slate and CTA for the launch trailer implementing a neon sign from the game environment. It's a surrealistic 3D animation with a depth of anxiety: A scene with broken incandescent lights on the old wall, flickering like the voice of devils.

Motion design for social media campaign | E-sports Redbull

The branding and design direction was snappy and impactful, just like e-sports. The design also matched the primary branding of esports & Redbull. The deliverable includes a template that produces animations in various social media formats and six languages.

Typography animations for the game trailer | Ni no Kuni

The design was anime-inspired textures with game-like visual effects: magical sparkles and light streaks. It also matches the colour tones and the character's movement in the actual game environment.

Typography animations for the game trailer | Soulcalibur

The visual effect progresses along with the message, and it matches the last cut of the scene in the trailer. It creates a smooth transition from the cut to the message. The smoothness creates an impact and makes it easier to read in a shorter time. 

Visual content design for the game trailer | Tekken 7

The brief was to create animated social media interactions with fun twists. Within the trailer, animation sequences are performed as a connecter between the physical and virtual world. 

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