Key visuals (KV) and visual content design for the drama and the campaign

Client: NHK
Production company: Think Make Create
Visual design: Tom Kata @ Visionesque


Key visuals (KV) and visual content design for the TV drama 

The drama is based on the novel An Artist of The Floating World by Kazuo Ishiguro. The brief was about designing key visuals to promote the NHK 8K TV drama to the European market. It's presented at MIPCOM—the global media and entertainment industry conference in France. The client wanted a contemporary design that represents "a nostalgic drama" without falling to antique or traditional styles.


A poster and a key visual (KV) design

I illustrated a figure rising from a fire—a symbol of the story. The smoke portrays the main character's reflections, and it morphs the character's face. The concept is a visualisation of "Inescapable thoughts". 

The title design has contrasting types of calligraphy and serif font to signify emotional insecurity and separation from reality.


Animation for the trailer produced by Think Make Create

Motion graphics clips illustrate captions with a branded visual element. The style focuses on the act of burning, and the tone of texture aligns with the KV. Burning animation progresses as it goes, and then it burns off. 

A promotional poster design for the 8K TV experience

As it's about technology and stories, I looked at the notion from the moving picture's perspective and explored various ways of storytelling with still images. The concept is an immersive window, exhibiting various images with stories of own. It aligns with the tagline "Live the story".

An 8K-shaped window with luminous light reflections hints at a super-resolution screen. Images appear like a story that progresses clockwise from nature-places-human-sky, and some figures pop out as if alive. 

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