"Frank Sinatra | The Man With The Music"

In Show Animation for Stage design at London Palladium

[Design Direction, Animation Production]

Agency: FiftyNine Productions

*This video is edited only for preview purpose. The actual animation is much slower and longer.

Branded stage graphics, a series of storytelling animations in an elegant 1930s style, to portray Sinatra's historical moment. The design considered audio/visual elements, performers, and the audience, seamlessly integrating the animation with music and other scenes.

Animations for live musical theatre with narration and live music. The design and animation style should match the musical's branding: chic, minimal, fun, and elegant from the 1930s-40s. It should explain and enhance the theatrical environment: audio, projected images, a trumpet player, and the audience. The style included playful transitions, using primary colours of turquoise blue and dusky yellow to represent loyalty and joy in Sinatra and James' relationship. An animated vinyl record projected on the stage's floor added a sentimental feeling. The animation harmonized with Frank Sinatra's narration and the music, creating a cohesive theatre environment.

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