Storytelling animation for the musical

Frank Sinatra musical The Man & His Music at the London Palladium theatre
Production company: FiftyNine Productions
Animation and design: Tom Kata

The project brief

The brief was to create animations for the live musical theatre. The animation was storytelling about the relationship between Frank Sinatra and Harry James, playing with the narration and the live music.

*This video is edited only for preview purpose. The actual animation is much slower and longer.

The design and animation style needed to match the branding; chic, minimal and fun, yet elegant style from the 1930s-1940s era. The animation needed to explain and enhance the engagement of the theatrical environment; audio, projected images, a trumpet player, and the audience.

We developed the animation style with playful scene transitions. Primary colours of turquoise blue and dusky yellow represented the loyalty and joyfulness of the relationship between Sinatra and James. We also created an animated retro-textured vinyl record projected onto the stage's floor, adding a sentimental feeling to the scene. The visual storytelling animation integrated the scene with the music and Frank Sinatra's narration, harmonising the theatre environment.

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