"Searching For Agatha Christie"

Branding & Animation for NHK TV Documentary Film

[Creative Direction, Design Production]

Client: NHK Cosmomedia Europe

The documentary needed a compelling visual storytelling solution, including animations to illustrate the story.
We created branding with an artful approach that reflects the documentary's creative vision.
The documentary achieved a high rating and extended slots. We received direct admiration from executive producers.

NHK TV documentary Searching for Agatha Christie (English Translation): The life story of Agatha Christie and her novels. The documentary includes a live-action drama about her life, expert interviews, and storytelling animation based on her novels.

The target audiences were classic novels, mysteries, and Agatha Christie's admirers. Storytelling animations aimed to be authentic to the narrative without spoiling the story and remain enjoyable. Our research on how artists illustrated mystery novels and tales in the 1920s helped develop the design concept and the visual strategy. The design concept created an atmosphere that takes viewers back in time. We unified design and storytelling animation into the tri-tone uncanny shadow puppet with antique textures reflecting Agatha Christy's novels.

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