Storytelling animations for the documentary

Client: NHK
Production company: NHK Cosmomedia Europe
Creative & Visual design: Tom Kata @ Visionesque

A series of storytelling animations based on Agatha Christie's novels

NHK TV Documentary Searching for Agatha Christie (English Translation) is about the life story of Agatha Christie and her legendary novels. 

It consists of live-action drama about her life, expert interviews, and storytelling animation. It is aimed at people who are interested in vintage novels, mysteries, and who are also Agatha Christie's fans.


Animation for the documentary branding

The challenge was to illustrate and animate mystery novels. It needed to be authentic without spoiling the novel's story and yet remain enjoyable.
The documentary takes viewers back in time to Agatha Christie's era.
So the research on how people talked about novels and stories in the 1920s helped develop the design concept.

I illustrated tri-tone shadow puppet scenes with antique English texture. I also animated the story using dynamic sequence transitions with a 20's twist. The style was minimal and modern but somewhat nostalgic and a little anxious. An entire documentary's visual branding also implemented the animation's design direction.

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