Visual Branding for meaningful communications

Art direction for storytelling content from Broadcast to Digital media marketing

VISIONESQUE® is a design studio, specialising in visual Branding for storytelling content creation from broadcast to digital media

We help storytellers create a visual strategy & design for documentaries and campaigns, adding a unique style and personality to the content to attract the right audiences.

The outcome leads to; transforming a single pilot documentary into a fully commissioned long-form series, or doubling members by increasing recognition for the campaign and raising funds to extend the season.

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The deep-dive visual transformation process designed for storytelling

Visionesque's 4-steps process maximises the story's value; collaborative and supportive visual implementation, adding originality with impact, for the desired outcome and beyond.


1: Vision discovery - A discovery meeting and research.
2: Visual content strategy - Visual strategy and art direction.
3: Design development - Design development and executions.
4: Completion & support - Final artworks/design system and support.

We build strategic visual language and execute the unique visual design, with over 15 years of industry experience working on creating visual designs for TV documentaries, events, and campaigns from social media to 8K(UDTV) broadcast. We create visual content from concept to completion, making sure your content aligns to your brand.

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How to make storytelling memorable

Storytelling is ever the key to being memorable. However, in this busy world, our attention span is merely 8 seconds, and we tend to remember stories based on how we feel. Visual communication should perform emotional engagement whilst fully aligning with the brand.

Visual Branding isn't about assigning a logo or colours, nor replacing narratives to regular moving shapes or standard stock images.

If it doesn't reflect the authentic voice, it won't speak for you or be remembered.

Effective visualisation presents the story as instantly attractive and memorable and guiding audiences to engage with the present.

VISIONESQUE®determines what works and what doesn't, and transcends it into a visual language.

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Ethics: Conscious design

VISIONESQUE® treasures to support people who help others and the planet.

We believe in compassion and taking responsibility for our actions, and we actively back ethical brands, sustainability campaigns and documentaries that deliver environmental and socially conscious matters.

We pursue conscious content that supports an ethical approach to a sustainable future.


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