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Tell the story that creates an unforgettable experience.

VISIONESQUE is a holistic Branding and Design Consultancy helping brands tell their stories to create memorable and meaningful experiences for all.

We build unique yet reliable visual communication strategies for Videos, Events and Exhibitions. Using the art of visual storytelling, we help you attract and influence audiences, build profound relationships, and make good choices for people, profit, and the future.

Documentary Branding

Documentary | Film/TV | Education

The visual communication strategy helps navigate the story and transform the difficult subjects into friendly ones to firmly connect with the audience.

Art direction, Design strategy, Visual Communication.



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Visionesque | Visual branding for the documentary
Tom Kata Motion Graphics Designer NHK_Royal Academy Of Music

Storytelling Animation

Animation & Graphics | Visualisation | Video Branding

We make the story more than information but a branded experience. It brings clarity and authenticity to your narratives to engage with the audience.

Story branding and identity building.


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Event Content Design

Exhibition | Event | Campaign

We build tangible relationships between the environment and people, keeping the brand identity consistent.

Branding and design for campaigns, events and exhibition installations.



Visual Portfolio, Posts & Image Gallery for WordPress
Visionesque | Visual branding for a campaign

The Creative Process Tailored To Every Project

Brands we have worked with:

We help with your branding and design challenges.

"We want to rebrand video content to be more stylish yet inclusive and engaging."

"We are expanding the overseas product to the UK market and need to brand our promotional package for the campaign/event."

"Our educational video and digital content need more friendly explanations to attract the target audience."

"I have written content, so what should I do next to bring the story to life?"

We offer a free 30 minutes content branding & design consultation.

Ready to bring your story to life?