VISIONESQUE is a branding and design studio that emerged from the ultimate storytelling industry; TV/Film

We build unique branding and authentic designs, combining high-end visual storytelling strategies to grow your brand.

Holistic creative process

We deeply empathise and carefully listen to your vision and provide tailored solutions with a high-quality standard. We take any project stage, from concept to completion.

Reliable supports

We look after projects of all sizes and consistently support goals from inception to completion. Dedicated follow-ups are included even after delivery.

Work together for good

We understand the challenge of communicating social responsibility content. We focus on your purpose and carefully convey your message. We strive to support positive environmental or social changes.

Inclusivity at our heart

We continuously research to improve inclusive visual communication strategies. We make complex information clear and friendly, creating an environment welcoming everyone.

Strategy with personality

Our clients come to us for something unique, the dramatic visual transformation from the written strategy. We care about truthfully engaging communications with the human touch.

Sophy Kata | Director / CEO

Sophy is the founder of VISIONESQUE Media, with over 17 years of experience as a producer, director, and designer in the broadcast and media industry.

Immediately after obtaining a master's degree in digital design in the UK, she worked as a multi-disciplinary broadcast designer as well as a creative director in the Films and TV industry, working for major feature films, TV ads, and TV shows including Discovery, MTV, NHK, and leading Music labels such as Virgin, EMI, and Sony Music. She worked on multiple TV adverts and music promos and created designs for concerts, theatres, and live events, from entertainment to corporates, including Google, Mojo, and National Business Awards.

Sophy founded Visionesque in 2019 with her passion for visual storytelling and branded communication design that enhances accessibility and long-lasting engagement in multiple environments. 

She strives to create an inclusive environment where everyone can enjoy and engage, and she continuously explores and develops creative ideas to unite people and stories across the globe.

Whatever the size of the project or wherever the stage you are in...