VISIONESQUE® is a bespoke design studio, specialising in branded visual storytelling content creation from broadcast to digital media.


We offer bespoke visual design for professionals who want to show and tell the story in a branded style without compromising common visuals or automated animations.

The service process is designed to maximise the value of the Brand vision.



Why do we do it?

Your Brand is as unique as you are. But when it comes to visual implementations, it's hard to tell what works and doesn't. We believe that creativity is infinite diversity, and visual design isn't about choosing an okey look from existing options.

We prioritise who you are, not an industry bias made up of a majority. It's the fundamental process to build the first impression that lasts.


Why should you care?

Visual branding is more than a Logo, shapes, photos or colour. No matter how nice it looks, it won't speak for you if it doesn't reflect who you are.

We value every detail of the conversation, the transparent relationship throughout the process from concept to completion.

About a creator

Tom Kata (Ms) is an elemental creator at VISIONESQUE®

Tom is a London based British Art director/Design consultant with over 15 years in the creative sphere; She has worked as a producer, director, and designer.

Specialising in visual content creation from TV to digital media, creating branded visual implementations for producers and marketers to tell stories and promote the Brand and products.

Tom's story of the beginning:

"When I worked at the International Airline in the late '90s, I travelled alone to Bhutan. I remember that crisp air softly covering my body and warm sunlight gently passing through the emerald-green leaves of giant trees. Silent but powerful communications with nature were simply invaluable. Many inspirations in Bhutan motivated me to discover more about the art of communications." -Tom Kata (Ms)

After finishing her degrees in 2005, a BA in Graphic Design and an MA in Digital Design, Tom worked as a CG designer and then as a producer at MTV creative department.

Following on, as a designer/director at the broadcast design firm, she worked on creating promo visuals for brands and music labels such as Sony, Warner Bros, and Decca, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Kylie, etc. and Awards events such as Music Week Awards, National Business Awards and Mojo Awards etc.

In 2015, Tom became independent, designing visual content for major media conferences, broadcast, digital marketing, high-profile live shows and events including London Palladium, Google, Facebook, Bandai Namco, Discovery Channel, NHK and Starbucks. Since launching a design studio Visionesque in 2019, she has worked for over 30 TV documentaries, events, and campaigns. Tom also become one of the first art directors for 8K TV (UHDTV) documentary CG design.

A stylist for the storytelling content

Tom helps visionary professionals to create original visuals to tell their story and promote the Brand and products, building a visual strategy with a unique style and personality to attract the right audiences.

Her a strong track record with high-profile projects and senior-role creative career enables to solve the branded visual implementation challenges.

Tom developed a unique creative process model for branded visual storytelling. It has a benefit of the collaborative and supportive visual implementation process, originality with impact, and the desired outcome.

Ready to take your visual content to the next level?