We help your story become an unforgettable experience for all.


We help producers create branding and design assets for Media/Film/TV programmes. We unify the whole picture and the story that engages with the audience, enabling growth from the pilot to the series.

Documentary film

We work with documentary makers who want to reflect their vision and influence diverse audiences. We create engaging and consistent visual portrayals to set the storytelling work apart from competitors.



We help project managers who need visual solutions for informative content. We transform difficult concepts into friendly ideas, creating an accessible exhibition from online to offline.


We work with event producers to create an inclusive environment for diverse audiences. We create audience-focused visual communication and the design assets, making the event welcoming.


What makes us different.

Holistic Creative Strategy

With over 15 years of broadcast and advertising industry experience, we capture your big picture and carefully tailor the design strategy. We take care of the project from concept to completion.


With our strong accountability, we look after all sizes of projects and regularly support you to achieve goals from inception to completion. It includes support for the in-house production team.

Support changes for good

We understand social responsibility content with innovative topics is often challenging to communicate. We focus on your mission and carefully convey your message.
We are passionate about projects that support the environment or change for the good of the world.

Inclusivity at our heart

We take deep listening, thinking, and research to build inclusive visual communication strategies, analyse complex information, and turn it clear and friendly. We focus on creating an environment that welcomes all.

Unique and Original

We value every moment of the story and apply the idea that best represents your vision, producing designs, inclusive and meaningful communications with the human touch.

Founder | Sophy Kata

Managing Director | Creative Director

Sophy Kata is a London-based British Creative Director with over 15 years of expertise as a producer, director and designer in the Broadcast, Media, Event and Advertising industry, and has worked with over 100 high-profile projects from TV documentaries to live events.

Sophy shifted her career from Airline to Graphic Design while living as an early digital nomad, writing a travel journal for a culture & Fashion magazine in 2000. In 2006, with degrees in BA|Graphic Design and MA|Digital Design and some design and film awards, she started her career as a motion graphics artist/videographer at a film production firm. And then later worked at MTV's award-winning creative department as a producer, creating from TV idents to MTV live events creatives.

In 2010, she became a director/designer at the broadcast design firm and worked on creating designs for music labels such as Sony, Warner Bros, and Decca, and artists; The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Kylie, and events; Music Week Awards, National Business Awards and Mojo Awards. Then, she became independent and worked for big conferences, TV documentaries, promos and live events, including London Palladium, Google, Netflix, Bandai Namco, Discovery Channel, NHK and Starbucks.

She's been passionate about visual communication while working on many storytelling projects worldwide. Launching Visionesque in 2019, she's focused on creating engaging and inclusive communications utilising visual storytelling. She's also one of the first art directors for 8K (Ultra high definition) TV graphics connecting diverse people and broadcast media content worldwide.

Whatever the size of the project or wherever the stage you are in...