VISIONESQUE is the bespoke branding & design studio in west London, specialising in creating visual languages to transform your content into a meaningful connection.

If your visual content craves meaningful attention that sticks, you are in good hands.


What does VISIONESQUE do?

VISIONESQUE offers a deep dive design, making sure your visual content represents your voice and vision.

I carefully check if visual content aligns to your brand on any platform. I strategise and create a bespoke design that speaks to your brand vision.


Why do I do it?

Designing isn't about choosing nice things from existing options.

I believe creativity is diversity which is limitless.

I prioritise who you are, not an industry bias made up of a majority. It's the fundamental step to create the first impression that lasts.


Why should you care?

Visual branding is more than a Logo, shapes, photos or colour. No matter how nice it looks, if it doesn't reflect who you are, it won't speak for you.

I craft visual content from concept to completion, making sure your content represent you.

I value every detail of the conversation, and to the trusted relationship throughout the process.


Conscious design

I treasure empathy throughout the creative process.

I'm passionate about supporting people who help others and the planet. 
I believe in compassionate and taking responsibility for our actions.

A little about Tom

Hi, my name is Tom Kata, a creator behind VISIONESQUE®.

I'm a London based British art director/designer with over 15 years in the creative sphere; I've worked as a producer, director, and designer.

I specialise in visual branding in content creation from TV to digital media, helping professionals to tell their story and promote their brand and products.

This is how I got here:

When I worked at the International Airline in the late '90s, I travelled alone to Bhutan. I remember that crisp air softly soaking my body and warm sunlight gently passing through the emerald-green leaves of giant trees. Silent but powerful communications with nature were simply invaluable. Many inspirations in Bhutan motivated me to learn more about the art of communications.

After finishing my degrees in 2005, a BA in Graphic Design and an MA in Digital Design, I worked as a CG designer and then as a producer at MTV's creative department.

Following on, as a designer/director at the design firm, I led projects for high profile music labels, such as Sony, Warner, and Decca, and for events, including National Business, Music Week, and the Mojo Awards.
In 2015, I grew independent, designing visual content for major social media conferences, digital marketing and live events including Google, Facebook, Bandai Namco and Starbucks.

Since launching a design studio Visionesque in 2019,
I've worked for over 30 TV documentaries, events, and campaigns. I've also become one of the first art directors for 8K TV (Ultra HDTV 7680 × 4320) documentary CG design.

If you need the original visual style to your narratives, feel free to drop me a line to explore further. Or just say hi!

I look forward to speaking with you.


Ready to take your visual content to the next level?

Feel free to drop me a line, ... or just to say hi!