About Visionesque

What's Visionesque?

Visionesque is a branding and design studio specialising in storytelling content. Founded in 2019 by Tom Kata, a principal art director/design consultant, we help producers and campaigners build an emotional and long-lasting connection with their audience.


Why is it important?

Have you ever wondered why you remember cool promos, but you can't recall what they were selling or differentiate one from others? While watching a documentary you were interested in, you shifted focus to a phone and never returned.

The story that sparks the imagination keeps people's attention. But some stories are tougher to do so; this can be due to limitations by the contract, topics, target, production, politics or timing.

Another authenticity dilemma

We tend to remember our experiences based on how we felt. We want to see, feel and understand it so that we talk about it, share and take action. That's where visual branding for the storytelling comes in. 

Contrary to general visual replacement that adds colours, texts and logos, visual branding transforms even uptight stories into engaging and direct ones, guiding the audience to be present. As a result, it improves brand recognition or leads to campaign growth.


Why is it special?

We design from your true voice with the real human touch, connecting the story and the audience with empathy on an emotional level. It comes from the inside, not just standing out by looking different.

We pledge to sustain conscious designs, diversity and inclusion, and limitless dedication to the social good and the environment.


Is Visionesque for me?

If your wishes are...

"I want you to lead the whole art direction of the project so that I can focus on my job, and the result will be what we want." 

"I need an expert who directs design from concept to completion. And I want you to consult our in-house team so we know it'll be exactly the style we want." 

"I need something unique for this project. I want to move from the usual productions because they only make generic designs. I need your new creative input." 

"We want to get away from the traditional style because we're aiming at a new target."

Then, you're in safe hands.

With over 15 years of media industry experience, we help you with a supportive design process and high-standard completions without complex rules.


What to do next?

No need to prepare anything. Just drop us a note to arrange a free call to talk about ideas and discuss your aspirations.

Want to bring your story to life?