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Branding & the 4-step design process

This starts with getting to know your vision, thoughts, philosophy and the goal. In turn, this helps us develop visuals that represent your vision and attract the desired audience.

1: Vision discovery 


Stories and messages can be personal and aren't always associated with logic. I often approach with a personalised discovery session.

We will discuss:

  • Assessment of your content strategy
  • Your brand vision 
  • The narrative direction and style of your project
  • Your goal
  • Your requirements and thoughts
  • Your dream (even you feel it's impossible at this stage) 

This identifies a unique visual foundation and helps create a compelling brand essence that drives your message forward.

Finally, we sum it all up with a bespoke design package

KVs, animation, motion design, screen design, slate, infographics and character design. 

2: Visual content strategy


This is the phase that brings your vision to life and makes sure that the visual aspect aligns with your vision and strategy.

I create a visual content style guide which includes:

  • Mood/style board
  • The colour theme that aligns with your brand, story or campaign
  • Fonts and font-paring that align across platforms
  • Title or logo design with guidelines that cover relevant platforms, such as TV, social media, prints and animation
  • Design direction for social media assets, visual identity, screen graphics, infographics and maps


We will build the fundamental design for your content together. 

3: Design development


This is where I issue the "Statement of Work" and the list of the design system. It clarifies what you will get and how to use it. 

The design process has three primary stages: draft, offline and delivery.

I guide you through each stage with clear, transparent communication.

I'll be by your side, making sure the visuals stay on the strategic track. 

4: Completion and Support


Upon request, I provide a tool kit and support for your team to manage design assets for future expansion.

Of course, you're welcome to come back at any time for further designs.

See visual content branding & design in action.

Output examples:



  1. Campaign & Marketing videos, TV documentaries.

    The Branded graphics package. Storytelling animation. Promotional kit; Key Visuals and Promos.

  2. Digital media

    The Branded visual content package; Graphic design, Animated video, Podcast and E-book Branding, etc.

  3. Installation & Presentation

    Installation videos and visual presentations for the event and exhibition space.

See visual content branding & design in action.

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