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VISIONESQUE® 4-step creative process

We value every detail of the conversation and form a trusted relationship throughout the process.


Vision discovery 


Stories and messages can be emotional and aren't always associated with logic. I approach this with a bespoke discovery session.

In the discovery session, we will discuss:

The narrative direction and style of your project.

Logical objectives, content strategy, and vision. Your brief, requirements, requests, and desire (even you feel it's impossible at this stage).

Emotional objectives describe why and what we want the target audience to feel as an outcome.

This deep dive conversation identifies a unique visual foundation and helps create a compelling brand essence that drives your message forward.

SOW: We conclude with a bespoke design package in various formats; KVs, animation, screen design, slate, infographics, and character design.

Visual content strategy


This is the phase that brings your vision to life and ensures that the visual design aligns with the strategy.

We create a visual content style guide which includes:

  1. Mood/style board.
  2. The matching colour/pattern/texture theme that aligns with the story.
  3. Fonts and font-paring that align across platforms (bilingual).
  4. Title or logo design that covers relevant platforms, such as broadcasts, social media, and prints (bilingual).
  5. Design direction for social media assets, visual identity system, screen GFXs, information design, and maps. We will build the fundamentals for branding and design for content.

Design development


We will define the list of the design system with the "Statement of Work". It clarifies what you will receive and how to use it for your objectives.

The design process has three primary stages: draft, offline, and delivery.

We provide a dedicated project server and artwork delivery system so that the production team and management can easily track progress live.

We guide you through each stage with clear, transparent communication, always by your side, making sure the visuals stay on strategic track.

Completion and Support


Depending on the project, and upon requests, we provide a tool kit and support for your team to manage design assets for future expansion.

For example, the tool kit includes; A design assets package including design templates and guidelines for online editing.

A layered design template kit of the key visuals for the marketing team, so they can efficiently be utilised and exported into various purposes in-house.

Of course, you're welcome to come back at any time for further designs and creative development at any time.

See Branding for visual storytelling in action



  1. Campaign & Marketing videos, TV documentaries.

    The Branded graphics package. Storytelling animation. Promotional kit; Key Visuals and Promos.

  2. Digital media

    The Branded visual content package; Graphic design, Animated video, Podcast and E-book Branding, etc.

  3. Installation & Presentation

    Installation videos and visual presentations for online events as well as offline events.

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